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Tadej Vesenjak has a new album

Wednesday, 08/10/2014
Tadej Vesenjak <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Tadej Vesenjak Photo: © Saša Huzjak

Tadej Vesenjak <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Tadej Vesenjak Photo: © Saša Huzjak

Tadej Vesenjak: Naša dejanja odmevajo v večnost, CD cover (design by Boris Volarič) <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak / design by Boris Volarič</em>

Tadej Vesenjak: Naša dejanja odmevajo v večnost, CD cover (design by Boris Volarič) Photo: © Saša Huzjak / design by Boris Volarič

Tadej Vesenjak has a new album called "Naša dejanja odmevajo v večnost" (Our actions resonate to eternity - roughly translated), and I'm very happy to be a part of it as a photographer! :)

Tadej Vesenjak is a great singer songwriter from a region of Slovenia called Prlekija and he writes brilliant songs about life, love and (social) changes all around us. Besides the great lyrics and accompanying music, the fact which really blows my mind is that he doesn't sing in English (English is pretty common with young bands in the region), not even in Slovenian - he sings in his strong dialect (for which he has my deepest respect), making his music and his performances even more unique.

I had the pleasure to shoot few times now (see related galleries below) and was very happy when we invited me to collaborate on his new record as a photographer - he had a vision of the way it should look, and I'm glad that I could help him to realise that vision.

Have to mention, though, that I'm not the only one in my family who participated in making of this CD - my wife Špela, a professional violinist, played on two tracks on the album, too, making this a real family project!

A beginning of a beautiful friendship? I'm pretty sure it is... :)

PS: You can get your copy of this CD at Založba Pivec website.

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Monday, 17/04/2023

The main idea for this year production is different music and dance style throughout the last century, so my idea for the visual representation was to show outfits typical for different time periods (which usually you wouldn’t wear at the same time) in one photo :)

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Friday, 14/04/2023

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Špela Huzjak - Premik, theatre performance promotional photoshoot

Monday, 15/11/2021

Now, this was an extremely creative and fun promotional photoshoot to do! :)

Barrique promo photo shoot

Thursday, 01/07/2021

Definitely the quickest group portrait band promo shoot I did so far :)

Koala Voice promo photo shoot (2019)

Tuesday, 17/12/2019

Eleven moths after they were in my, then newly opened, photo studio for some promo photos, Koala Voice - one of my favourite bands - is back! Yep, we have a hell of a coffee here at SHtudio and people tend to come for more :)

Heroj 3.0 (Hero 3.0), theatre performance promotional photoshoot

Monday, 28/10/2019

Uroš Kaurin and Vito Weis are two brilliant Slovenian actors whose performance Heroj 2.0 (Hero 2.0) made quite a big impression on me and my wife Špela. I’m sad I haven’t seen the first performance (Heroj 1.0), but was very excited when I was commissioned to shoot the promotional photographs for the third performance for which we did a photoshoot in Ljubljana few weeks ago.

Pole dancer Maja Logar photo studio session

Friday, 30/08/2019

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Sašo Vollmaier photo studio session

Wednesday, 28/08/2019

Few months ago I had a privilege to have Sašo Vollmaier in my SHtudio for a photo session - very creative session, plus lots of laughs :)

Franja Kočnik promo photo studio shoot

Thursday, 06/06/2019

Few days ago I was very honoured to have Franja Kočnik, great Slovenian zither player, in my studio for some promotional images.

Okttober promo photo shoot

Wednesday, 17/04/2019

Last week I was working with Okttober, a great Maribor based rock band who needed some new promo images.

Photo shoot in studio with Edita Čerče

Wednesday, 20/03/2019

Recently I had a pleasure of working with the talented Edita Čerče of Silk Dance Company in my photo studio.

Koala Voice promo photo shoot

Tuesday, 18/12/2018

I was very privileged and excited recently to work with one of my favourite bands from Slovenia - young and brilliant Koala Voice!

Tadej Vesenjak banda + Madame Brumowski + In The Attic

Pruh, Svečina (Slovenia), 08/09/2018

One day after my wife Špela played with her band Djembabe in Maribor, she was playing with her other (new) band - Madame Brumowski - in a fabulous outdoor venue of an old quarry (stone pit). And we were able to arrange babysitting again (I explained the problem in my last blogpost), so I was very lucky to be there! :)

Photo shoot in studio with Maja Bevc

Monday, 04/06/2018

First photo shoot in my very own photo studio! :)

Few weeks ago I was privileged to photograph Maja Bevc, a great Slovenian jazz singer & vocal coach, violi(ni)st, amazing person a dear friend… and my FIRST client in my NEW photo studio! :)

Helika, promo shooting

Last weekend I did a quick promo photoshoot for a Croatian/Slovenian band Helika, which, I’m sure, is already a pretty known name to the regular readers of my blog since I’ve been photographing them on multiple occasions. And that’s not just because my wife is in the band, but also ‘cause I really like their "trip pop" music!

Tadej Vesenjak

KGB, Maribor (Slovenia), 15/11/2014

Great concert of Slovenian singer songwriter Tadej Vesenjak promoting his new album that I did photography for, and a very special gig for many different reasons (read on!).

Festival Lent 2014, part 1

Festival Lent, Maribor (Slovenia), 20/06 > 05/07/2014

Shooting 16 days lasting festival (!!) as one of the official photographers can be really tough, but a great joy, too! Here is the first gallery of photos from this years festival, others are following!

Tadej Vesenjak & Prlekstanski folkrokbluz

KGB, Maribor (Slovenia), 23/01/2010

Tadej Vesenjak, legendary young generation singer songwriter, with a bunch of great musicians (including my wife Špela on violin!) and a handful of great songs! Great concert, as I can remember, as his gigs usually are!

Djembabe, promo shooting

Djembabe are Maribor based female percussion group who successfully mix traditional West African rhythms with a pinch of Slav temperament...

Benefit for Dvorana Gustaf

Pekarna, Dvorana Gustaf, Maribor (Slovenia), 22/12/2012

Underground culture means usually little money for organising the regular program and paying the monthly bills. Winter months are especially problematic, since the heating bills can get pretty big and that's where this benefit concert for helping the Gustaf club comes to play!

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