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Lost in Music shortlisted for the Alfred Fried Photography Award 2014

Thursday, 11/09/2014

My music related project gets in top 21 shortlisted projects for a prestigious photo award

I am really proud to announce that my music related project "Lost in Music" got shortlisted for this years Alfred Fried Photography Award!

Warren Ellis (Dirty Three), 2012 - a part of Lost in Music project <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Warren Ellis (Dirty Three), 2012 - a part of Lost in Music project

"5271 images have been submitted by 1549 photographers from all five continents", says the PR release, and 21 projects have been shortlisted in the first round. The PR release continues:

Voting was organized in complete anonymity. The jurors were told the photographers‘ names just 2 hours before the the announcement of the shortlist.

The jury did look at EVERY SINGLE IMAGE – not one frame was taken out. The first round was digital only. The jurors had access to the photographs submitted with an individualized password to the Alfred Fried Photography Award homepage. Each juror could award 1 to 10 points to each entry. Zero votes were not allowed. After the votes had been collected, the points for each work were added and divided by the number of jury members.

This first round produced a shortlist of 21 works.  

For the second round the points of the 21 shortlisted works were deleted and the jurors were asked to select their personal top 5. These rankings were collected by mail. A first place ranking earned 5 points, second place 4 points and so on. Fifth place was worth 1 point. The points per entry were added and resulted in a list of six nominees.

Although, my project "Lost in Music" wasn't chosen in the final six nominees, I really do feel privileged to be included in top 21 projects, especially when music and "entertainment industry" are usually not taken seriously in the photojournalistic world. I always believed in the ability of music to connect people (and make a better world) and I am honoured that the members of the jury recognised that.

Dubravko Ivaniš (Pips, Chips & Videoclips), 2013 - a part of Lost in Music project <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Dubravko Ivaniš (Pips, Chips & Videoclips), 2013 - a part of Lost in Music project

Awarded by The Photographische Gesellschaft, (PHG) - "the longest-standing photographic society in the German-speaking countries and the second-oldest in the world", Alfred Fried Photography Award "aims to present human efforts to live together in peace and the quest for beauty and goodness in our lives. The award goes to those photographs that best express the idea that our future can only be peaceful coexistence."

Partners of the Award that was named after Alfred Hermann Fried (1864-1921), an Austrian pacifist, author and a Nobel Peace Prize winner include UNESCO, the Austrian Parliament, the Austrian Parliamentary Reporting Association and the International Press Institute (IPI).

You can check out some amazing documentary and photojournalistic work by other shortlisted photographers here - the winning images will be announced on Monday, 15 September 2014, at 21:00 hours.

Thank you! - Dejan Vučetić Vuča (Darkwood Dub), 2010 - a part of Lost in Music project <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Thank you! - Dejan Vučetić Vuča (Darkwood Dub), 2010 - a part of Lost in Music project


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Tuesday, 06/06/2017

I was very honoured that the international jury consisting of Zohra Bensemra (Jury President), Enrico Dagnino and Darko Bandić decided that one of my images is the best this year in the Culture category!

Lost in Music @ Jazz ‘ma mlade

Tuesday, 06/06/2017

Exhibition opens as accompanying programme of the festival on 9th June 2017 in Maribor, Slovenia

The second edition of the festival organised by Glas podzemlja and MKC Maribor started last Friday, and will continue this Friday with two concerts (Urška Supej kvartet + OrGanic FunkaDelic), jam session and opening of two new exhibitions as part of their accompanying programme!

Warren Ellis (Dirty Three), 2012 - a part of Lost in Music project and one of the photographs that will be on display in Paris

The Alfred Fried Photography Award moves to Paris

Saturday, 25/10/2014

"Cultivating a culture of peace – The Alfred Fried Photography Award, an exhibition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of UNESCO" group exhibition opens on 31th October 2014 at the UNESCO's Avenue Suffren entrance

Being shortlisted with my Lost in Music project photographs for Alfred Fried Photography Award, was a big recognition for my work, especially since there are so many amazing projects and photographs shortlisted this year, and music photography is often look down upon in the photojournalistic world. Honestly, I really feel very honoured to be in such extinguished club. But, the story goes on!

Check out PPOTY 2012 finalists Top 20

Friday, 22/03/2013

Check out the free digital booklet showcasing the top 20 images in all PPOTY 2012 categories, there is some really stunning work there - happy to say see my two images included!

Professional Photographer magazine, April 2013 cover

My image Desert caravan is a PPOTY 2012 finalist

Monday, 18/03/2013

Bodies in Urban Spaces gets into Street Top 20

April issue of the UK's Professional Photographer magazine brings the finalists of their Professional Photographer of the Year 2012 (PPOTY 2012) competition and I'm happy to say that my photograph is one of them!

My image gets commended at 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

Tuesday, 05/02/2013

Part of Top 50 in the Arts & Culture category

My image "Bodies in Urban Spaces" was commended in the Arts & Culture category of this years Sony World Photography Awards, making it in the Top 50 in that category!

Can you guess who a person in a photo is?

International Photography Awards awards my photographic project "(Un)known faces"

Thursday, 13/09/2012

First place in the Music NON-PRO category

After last years 2nd place in "Advertising : Music NON-PRO" category for my "Lost in music" at the annual International Photography Awards awards, this year the judges decided to award my latest published project "(Un)known faces" 1st place in the same category!

Photography group exhibition "Moje mesto - bodoča evropska prestolnica kulture" opened last night

Friday, 16/12/2011

Photography group exhibition called "Moje mesto - bodoča evropska prestolnica kulture" ("My town - future European Capital of Culture"), opened yesterday at Univerzitetna knjižnica Maribor in Maribor, Slovenia, exhibiting four of my photographs, with one of them awarded the 2nd place in the competition.

International Photography Awards awards "Lost in music"

Monday, 22/08/2011

Jury of the annual International Photography Awards decided on this years finalists and winers: as it happens, they have awarded my project "Lost in music" the 2nd place in "Advertising : Music NON-PRO" category.

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