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Saša Huzjak photography - Maribor, Slovenia

Photography portfolio of Saša Huzjak - live music, festivals, concerts, shows and more!

Photos: Kaj me pleše?

II. gimnazija Maribor, Maribor (Slovenia), 10/12/2013

Kaj me pleše? <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Kaj me pleše?

New, and an excellent one, if I may add, dance performance by Plesna izba Maribor and the choreographer Ana Benkovič!

Photos: Girls Against Boys

Močvara, Zagreb (Croatia), 07/12/2013

Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys) <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys)

Legendary band Girls Against Boys are back!

Photos: Mika Male + Nevjerni Tomo

MM centar, Zagreb (Croatia), 07/12/2013

Mika Male <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Mika Male

Promoting their new album called "Gdje se sastaju luđaci", Mika Male gave us a beautiful and emotional night - even more for me, since I was there documenting the concert for the band.

Photos: Luc Ex' Assemblée

Narodni dom Maribor, Mali oder, Maribor (Slovenia), 14/11/2013

Luc Ex (Luc Ex' Assemblée) <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Luc Ex (Luc Ex' Assemblée)

Another concert from the "Jazz in Narodni dom" (Jazz v Narodnem domu) series and this time with a touch of punk!

Photos: Pips, Chips & Videoclips

Tvornica kulture, Zagreb (Croatia), 09/11/2013

Pips, Chips & Videoclips <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Pips, Chips & Videoclips

Happy to continue my collaboration with one of my dearest Croatian bands Pips, Chips & Videoclips, promoting their new (and a great one!) album called "Walt". The concert, which was official promotion of the aforementioned CD, was held in the packed Tvornica kulture club in Croatia's capital Zagreb, and it was a brilliant one!

Photos: Yo La Tengo

Tvornica kulture, Zagreb (Croatia), 08/11/2013

Yo La Tengo <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo are one of the bands I've been enjoying for many, many years, and one of those bands that I haven't had the opportunity to see playing live. Well, so far, that is!

I was really happy when they announced the gig in Zagreb on this tour, and what a gig it was! It was made of two sets, the easier and the loud one, with a break in between, lasting for more then two hours.

Photos: Boris, Milena, Radko - theatre rehearsal

SNG Drama Ljubljana, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Radko Polič, Milena Zupančič and Dušan Jovanović <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Radko Polič, Milena Zupančič and Dušan Jovanović

Rajko Grlić, Matjaž Ivanišin, Dušan Jovanović, Milena Zupančič, Radko Polič, Boris Cavazza. One theatre play, one documentary film about it. But, there is more, much more.

Photos: Bažant Pohoda festival 2013, part 2

Bažant Pohoda festival, Trenčín (Slovakia), 11/07 > 13/07/2013

Thom Yorke and Flea (Atoms For Peace) <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Thom Yorke and Flea (Atoms For Peace)

Second part of this years Bažant Pohoda 2013 gallery includes supergroup Atoms For Peace, great new band Django Django and many more!

Photos: Bažant Pohoda festival 2013, part 1

Bažant Pohoda festival, Trenčín (Slovakia), 11/07 > 13/07/2013

Crowd at the festival <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Crowd at the festival

My forth time in Trenčín, working as photographer at what can easily be described as one of my personal favorite music festivals, for many different reasons! Highlights of the bands shown in this gallery includes festival party makers Kaiser Chiefs, legendary The Smashing Pumpkins, great Slovakian band Para and many many more :)

Photos: Trash Candy

Skejtaj s srcem, Dolga vas - Izola (Slovenia), 20/05 > 26/05/2013

Pija Tušek (Trash Candy) <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Pija Tušek (Trash Candy)

Trash Candy are Maribor based punk-rock band voted as best regional MTV band of the year 2012. They have just released their second CD "Running from something, searching for anything" and were also involved in "Skejtaj s srcem" humanitarian project, playing in every town that we stopped for the...

Photos: Skejtaj s srcem (Skate with your heart) humanitarian project

Skejtaj s srcem, Dolga vas - Izola (Slovenia), 20/05 > 26/05/2013

Skejtaj s srcem (Skate with your heart) humanitarian project <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Skejtaj s srcem (Skate with your heart) humanitarian project

Last month I've been involved in a humanitarian project including well known Slovenian skater Tomaž Praunseis skating from one end of Slovenia, to another - 370 kilometers in 7 days - an obvious example that one man can really make a difference!

I said it many times that I love to shoot live concerts and I just looove to shoot festivals, for numerous reasons. Well, this week, although technically speaking this was a classic road trip, was the best festival of them all!

Photos: Apparat + Aufgang

Orpheum, Graz (Austria), 30/05/2013

Apparat <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>


Very interesting project "Krieg & Frieden" of German musician Sascha Ring aka Apparat, "one of the most passionate and eclectic electronic producers involved in music today"!

Photos: Bad Boosh Band

Narodni dom Maribor, Mali oder, Maribor (Slovenia), 10/05/2013

Bad Boosh Band <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Bad Boosh Band

A night of great jazz with very talented Slovenian pianist and composer Kaja Draksler's trio Bad Boosh Band!

Photos: Dan D

ŠTUK, Maribor (Slovenia), 25/04/2013

Dan D <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Dan D

Less than two months after their brilliant concert in Kino Šiška in Ljubljana, Dan D played another great gig, and this time in my town!

Photos: Eels + Nicole Atkins

Orpheum, Graz (Austria), 19/04/2013

Eels <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>


My third concert of Eels (and all of them took place in the same club, in the same town!), and in many ways, most successful one!

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