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Focused on LCD screen - photography project

Wednesday, 14/01/2015

New addition to my ongoing photo projects

Andy Warhol fan @ MoMa, New York (USA), 2010 <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Andy Warhol fan @ MoMa, New York (USA), 2010 Photo: © Saša Huzjak

The importance of personal photography projects is really big, in my humble opinion. I find that ongoing photo projects, that last for few months or years, make creative juices flowing, especially when I find myself stuck in some (already seen) situation. And be sure that I’m not the only one - many known photographers and photo editors emphasise exactly the same point (don't believe me? click to Google it).

Latest in the series of my ongoing photography projects to be published online is also the first one that is not strictly music related, although most of the images were taken during the music performances, but musicians are not the main subjects here. After "Lost in Music", "Don’t forget the drummer" and "(Un)known faces", my latest project titled "Focused on LCD screen" focuses (no pun intended!) on the fact that we all are documenting everything around us at almost every time. Me included.

So, ladies & gentlemen, without further ado, I give you "Focused on LCD screen", with some photos never published before! :)

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Fan(atic)s - new photography project published

Thursday, 23/04/2015

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines fan as "an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator". Music fans are known for their irrational devotion to their favourite artists most easily seen when they travel many, many hundreds of kilometres to see them perform live. I know that, because I’m one of them.

(Un)known faces - do you know who is the person in the photo?

(Un)known faces - another photo project goes online

Sunday, 12/02/2012

Can you guess who a person in a photo is?

After "Lost in music" and "Don’t forget the drummer", another of my ongoing photographic projects goes online and this time with a twist :)

Don’t forget the drummer - another project revealed

Tuesday, 27/09/2011

Girls & boys got rhythm!

Just published another photographic project of mine, called "Don’t forget the drummer". Subtitled "A thing for drummers", this new project features photographs of guys and girls who are most often neglected when photographing the live performances.

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