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Best of - live! Finally in Zagreb!

Thursday, 10/09/2015
Saša Huzjak: Best of - live!

My concert photography solo exhibition opens on 17th September 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia

After I had to postpone the Zagreb exhibition last September due to illness, I'm happy to announce that I’ll be finally coming to Potepuh in Zagreb, like I promised last year! :)

Photos: Repetitor + Rambo Amadeus

Festival Letni oder Ruše, Ruše (Slovenia), 21/08/2015

Ana-Marija Cupin (Repetitor) <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Ana-Marija Cupin (Repetitor)

Although I've photographed Serbian band Repetitor playing live two times this summer already, they're always a joy to watch and listen playing live, so I didn't want to miss this evening!

Izbine glasne pripovedke - letna bobnarska produkcija Plesne Izbe Maribor <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Izbine glasne pripovedke - letna bobnarska produkcija Plesne Izbe Maribor

Third and final part of the annual summer production of Plesna Izba Maribor  featuring their numerous and talented drummers, with a little help of some other musicians, including famous guitarist Igor Bezget and yet to be famous cello player Ariel Vei Atanasovski.

Izbine pripovedke za velike - letna plesna produkcija Plesne Izbe Maribor <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Izbine pripovedke za velike - letna plesna produkcija Plesne Izbe Maribor

Second part (out of three!) of the annual summer production of Plesna Izba Maribor featuring their more experienced dancers!

Photos from the archive: Izbine pripovedke za male - letna plesna produkcija Plesne Izbe Maribor

Lutkovno gledališče Maribor, Maribor (Slovenia), 17/06/2015

Izbine pripovedke za male - letna plesna produkcija Plesne Izbe Maribor <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Izbine pripovedke za male - letna plesna produkcija Plesne Izbe Maribor

First part (out of three!) of the summer production of Plesna Izba Maribor featuring their youngest dancers!

Photos: Tony Cetinski

Križanke, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 10/06/2015

Tony Cetinski <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Tony Cetinski

Two months after shooting my first gig for Croatian pop star Tony Cetinski, I was working with him and his band again. Big stage, big production, great lights, great team behind and on stage and all access pass made all the difference - I really had a great time shooting it!

Photos: Mično pomično - Gathering of belly dance groups in Maribor

Dom kulture Pekre, Pekre (Slovenia), 05/06/2015

Mično pomično - Gathering of belly dance groups in Maribor <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Mično pomično - Gathering of belly dance groups in Maribor

Besides live music and festivals, dance is probably my favourite subject to photograph, so when I got a chance to shoot gathering of local belly dance groups last week, I was immediately on board! :)

Photos: The Toasters

Jazz klub Satchmo, Maribor (Slovenia), 04/06/2015

The Toasters <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

The Toasters

Legendary NYC ska band The Toasters and one and only Robert "Bucket" Hingley in Maribor!

Photos: Zdravo na zabavo: Severa in Gal Gjurin

Ruška koča, Pohorje (Slovenia), 29/05/2015

Ruše sign on the train <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Ruše sign on the train

Free train raid from Maribor to Ruše, bus from Ruše uphill to Pohorje mountain, an hour of hiking through the woods, then a concert of a cool band in a mountain house - sounds like a great Friday afternoon / night, right?

Photography exhibition opens on 4 June 2015 in Fotografski muzej Maribor, Slovenia

I am very happy to announce that few of my photographs will be exhibited in the upcoming group photography exhibition that will feature photographs of Festival Lent, from four of its, current and past, official photographers: Boštjan Lah, Dejan Bulut, Nebojša Tejić and yours truly.

Photos: The Pyramids

Narodni dom Maribor, Mali oder, Maribor (Slovenia), 26/05/2015

The Pyramids <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

The Pyramids

The Pyramids started in the 1970s in Ohio and self released tree records, disbanded in the 1977, only to be resurrected 30 years later - their "massive Afro-centric drumming meets ecstatic group improvisations" caught attention of the famous DJ Gilles Peterson and the rest is history!

Photos: Public Service Broadcasting

Chelsea, Vienna (Austria), 20/05/2015

Public Service Broadcasting <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Public Service Broadcasting

My first time in Chelsea in Vienna and my first gig of Public Service Broadcasting - tougher to shoot than expected, but a great experience nevertheless!

Photos: Triko + VVhile

Pekarna, Dvorana Gustaf, Maribor (Slovenia), 14/05/2015

Milan Bukejlović (Triko) <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

Milan Bukejlović (Triko)

Another great Solar Pulse night in Maribor with Triko and VVhile from Belgrade, Serbia!

Photos: ABOP

Stolp 3, Maribor (Slovenia), 15/05/2015

ABOP <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>


Croatian supergroup ABOP playing instrumental electro dance music live with two great drummers - what more can one ask for on a rainy Friday night? :)

Photos: The Ills + Čao Portorož + Ooral Sea

Pekarna, Dvorana Gustaf, Maribor (Slovenia), 24/04/2015

The Ills <em>Photo: © Saša Huzjak</em>

The Ills

Another great concert night organised by Maribor's very active Solar Pulse collective, with 3 great bands!

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